Mission & Operations


Milk & Honey Farms is a non-profit, privately owned farm dedicated to providing fresh fruit and vegetables for those at risk for hunger in South Central Pennsylvania.

We provide seasonal garden plots so volunteers from the community can help plant, tend, grow, and harvest crops for local food banks, churches, and veterans organizations to distribute to those in need in our community.

How Our Vision Operates

Milk & Honey Farms provides the garden plots while volunteers from the community provide the labor. The local food bank, church, or veterans organization who partners with us receive our harvest and they distribute to the need.

Milk & Honey Farms prepares the soil each season, lay out the plots, provides the seed, and organizes, and schedules the volunteers.
Volunteers will come from the community. Individuals, church groups, or organizations who would like to volunteer their time and labor to support this vision.

Volunteer responsibilities would include:

  • Caring for one or more of the fourteen 30’ x 30’ vegetable lots throughout the growing season by:
    • Watering vegetables and fruit trees
    • Weeding vegetable plots
    • Harvesting vegetables in due season.
    • Picking fruit
  • There is also a need to prepare other areas of the property for future use by:
    • Clearing brush and dead trees
    • Making tiers on hillsides to support plots, (rock walls and soil)
    • Correcting erosion areas, (rock and soil)
    • Planting clover for the bees and goats
    • Planting new trees, and help to maintain current fruit orchard

If you are interested in volunteering please check-out the volunteers section of our website for more information.




Sunday - Friday 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday- Closed on the Sabbath


(717) 545-5294
(717) 839-1597


Milk & Honey Farms
1850 Parkway West
Harrisburg, PA. 17112
(9/10’s of a mile off Linglestown Road, on the left)